I believe in the people of Minnesota. I see their drive to make things better for their kids, their neighborhoods, and their state. I see patients who will work three jobs and start a shift at 1 AM. I see the parents who volunteer to teach at the middle school on a Saturday morning or coach the basketball team.


I try to be the legislator for them every day. 


I believe we are capable of ensuring affordable health care for all of us. In addition, we must move health delivery toward maintaining good health rather than profiting from illness. And we have to balance the financial incentives of the health insurance, hospital, and pharmacy industries with our moral obligation to care for our people. 


I believe that climate change is an emergency and we must move our state to renewable energy. We can do that while creating good jobs and sustaining rural communities, and we should.


I believe that the level of gun violence in Minnesota and America demands answers, and we can find solutions which do not impede the Constitutional rights of responsible gun owners. 


I believe that corporate money is a persistent and corrupting influence in our politics which weakens the power of regular Minnesotans. That is why I do not accept PAC or lobbyist contributions and work to represent my voters every day. 


I know that a high-quality public education system is the foundation of democracy and our most hopeful pathway to equal opportunity for people who are poor and people of color.


I believe it is time for us to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, ban the outdated practice of conversion therapy, and keep decisions about a woman's health out of the legislature.