If you haven't met me, I grew up in St. Paul. My mom was a special education teacher; my dad sold insurance. I attended public schools and then I attended Mayo Medical School, where I helped pay my tuition by waiting tables. I work at Hennepin County Medical Center; and I choose to work there quite purposely, because we care for every person who comes through the door, without regard to background or income. Since 2017 I have served in the state senate. It has been the experience of a lifetime. Every day I enter the Capitol I am inspired to learn more about the issues confronting Minnesotans and work with all legislators to find solutions. 


My wife Kristine and I have been married 27 years, and we have five teenage children. They are the inspiration for my work. 


During my first term of office, I have championed a public option for health insurance, regulation of the pharmaceutical industry to ensure affordable medications, legislation to become a carbon-free state, workers' rights, gun violence legislation, and other initiatives.